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What to visit Naples


Naples is a city full of history and monuments, a heritage which dates from the 7th century B.C stratified at different underground levels, as you can be inferred from the archaeological sites of San Lorenzo (just below the road) and the gothic church of Santa Maria dell'Incoronata dating from the 16th century (at a lower level than the road). The artistic and monumental heritage of Naples includes the Aquarium, the Botanical Gardens, 4 large art galleries, 12 museums, 2 Royal Palaces, 4 Castles, 5 Doors, 6 Parks, 8 Theatres, many fountains and squares, 7 Libraries, 200 churches and the Catacombs. The Centre has a fascinating ancient importance because there are all layered and overlapped several historical eras: the Byzantine, Gothic, Lombard, Norman, Angevin, Swabian, Spanish, Austrian, French and Bourbon. The traditional sweets of convents and monasteries were born here; furthermore there are  a lot of craft shops and the most typical and famous area is S. Gregorio Armeno whose production of little Christmas statues for cribs is well known all over the world.

You can easily reach Naples from Guest House Dream Night, either by means of trains of Circumvesuviana which stop at Piazza Garibaldi every 30 minutes, or with the State Railways(Trenitalia)  which stops at Naples Central / Piazza Garibaldi. From Piazza Garibaldi you can reach any Naples spot thanks to the buses, Trenitalia, Circumvesuviana  and the Underground.